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APRA is focussed on ensuring that strengthening member outcomes is central to a superannuation trustee’s business operations. Rice Warner is well placed to assist trustees strategically address APRA’s Prudential Standard –  SPS 515 Strategic Planning and Member Outcomes.

Advice has been an integral part of superannuation offerings for many years. At Rice Warner, we help superannuation funds set and implement their advice models, providing not only consulting support but also access to calculators and advice related FinTech solutions.

With an aging population and the gradual retirement of the Baby Boomers, the superannuation industry is rapidly developing products and services to maintain members to and through retirement.

Rice Warner is at the forefront of helping superannuation funds develop a strategic retirement framework, and products aligned to this framework, to support members in retirement.

The superannuation market has been consolidating, and Rice Warner has been at the forefront with assisting superannuation funds identify suitable merger partners and achieving successful merger outcomes that are in members’ best interests.

We work closely with merger partners to help secure merger approvals implement the merger and monitor whether business outcomes are achieved.

Rice Warner has built a reputation for providing fact-based guidance to superannuation industry participants backed by informed opinion and thought leadership. Our unique insights, supported by our rich databases and research, help clients develop effective commercial and operational strategies.

Rice Warner’s extensive superannuants database and related research enables us to help benchmark superannuation funds, whether products, fees, investments, insurance, service operations or costs and expenses.

As an independent consultancy, Rice Warner provides superannuation tender services free from conflict. We have run hundreds of superannuation tenders, whether for employer plans, custodians, administrators or asset consultants. Our superannuation fund database is invaluable for this work. We have a proven ability to help clients achieve their stated objectives, relying on an inclusive style that informs, educates and includes our client in the decision-making process.

As Actuaries, complex financial modelling is at the heart of what we do and supports much of our strategic and policy work.  We have a variety of established models including:

  • Demographic projections models for the superannuation, personal investments and group insurance markets.
  • Models to project wealth, insurance and retirement savings for individuals using our calculation engine PHOEBE. Link to FinTech page.
  • Tailored models built to solve client specific problems across a variety of problems in super, insurance and wealth.

Our Actuaries specialise in data analytics for superannuation funds.  Backed by knowledge of the market from our database of over 10 million superannuation members we assist superannuation fund executives, marketing and internal data analytics teams to enhance their fund by developing business intelligence tools, predictive models and customer segmentation.  We can also assist clients in developing their data analytics strategies and measuring outcomes from investments in analytics.

Rice Warner’s heritage is as a firm of consulting actuaries. Our superannuation actuarial services cover financial modelling, benefit projections, independent insurance in superannuation pricing review and investment analytics as well as prescribed actuarial work for defined benefit superannuation funds.

Rice Warner helps our clients with all aspects of superannuation product management and development whether research, design, benchmarking or implementation. Our industry research sees us at the forefront of market trends and product innovation.

Rice Warner can also second analysts and consultants to work as part of superannuation product teams for those occasions where the team requires additional capability or capacity.

Rice Warner provides decision support and advice tools to the Australian financial services market, having built and deployed over 100 advice tools to date.  We provide consulting services, mathematical capability and development work on advice tools throughout the industry.

Our capabilities and tools cover the following markets:

  • Superannuation and Retirement
  • Life Insurance
  • Property
  • Savings, Debt and Budgeting

Built by our Actuaries, PHOEBE is an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides access to a wide range of complex mathematical functions and services.  It solves common problems faced by our clients across the financial services industry.  The functions provide actuarially certified compliant calculations across the full spectrum of financial advice for members or customers.

PHOEBE has been implemented for a range of clients, including banks, superannuation funds, financial planning groups, wealth management organisations and industry bodies.

PHOEBE provides clients with peace of mind that, by using a central source of calculations, they will always provide their members and customers with consistent, compliant and accurate information and output.

Our experience in the provision of financial tools, calculators and advice software provide us with the ability to provide our clients with peace of mind that their tools are accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements.  Our actuarial accreditation service involves the formal testing and actuarial sign off that financial tools/calculators and in-house spreadsheets/ models have accurate calculations and meet ASIC requirements.

Our actuarial experience and unique PHOEBE Application Programming Interface (API) provides superannuation funds with benefit projections for their individual members utilising either the ASIC Class Order or tailored projections using the superannuation funds’ own assumptions.

Rice Warner provides a cost effective and compliant solution for helping superannuation funds deliver engaging and personalised projections relevant to the member’s unique characteristics.

Rice Warner is at the forefront of the constantly evolving policy landscape for superannuation and life insurance.

Our close relationship with Government (including Treasury and the Productivity Commission) allows us to help our clients build credible, evidence-based submissions to help lobby for policy change, develop sound business strategies in the context of the policy change, or model the impact of policies on the market, businesses and customers.

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