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and Trusted Advisers

Rice Warner is a trusted partner to many successful organisations operating in Australia’s dynamic financial services sector.  Our valued clients include superannuation funds, financial institutions, fund managers, life insurers, administrators, financial planning licensees and providers of financial software.  These clients seek our consulting advice, research on products and markets, as well as our financial technology services.

Since 1987, our firm has built an unrivalled reputation for providing fact-based guidance to industry participants.  Rice Warner has a rich heritage of independence and informed opinion leadership.  This derives from our culture backed by our actuarial roots and unique research across the superannuation, wealth management and life insurance sectors.

Our unique insights, partly generated from our rich databases, help clients to develop effective commercial strategies and operational tactics.  This also underpins Rice Warner’s renowned public policy and research activities. The media, industry bodies and policy makers source from Rice Warner, our unbiased opinion, research and industry projections.

Since 2007, Rice Warner has built a strong and growing digital capability leveraging financial technology. An example is the support we provide to financial advice firms and others requiring member/customer education tools and software.

Leveraging our rich industry knowledge and actuarial skills, our FinTech offer includes a unique range of client services, designed to meet increasing market demand for intelligent and efficient technology solutions.

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How we deliver solutions

Market Insights, Research, Consulting, and FinTech

Rice Warner’s unique market data and insight, industry knowledge and experience, and financial technology capabilities integrate to provide clients with optimal solutions – all without the need to engage multiple providers.

We understand the increasing pressures faced by clients within the Australian financial services industry. Stakeholder demands include heightened compliance rules from regulators, enhanced service requirements of clients and the business needs of a suitable return on investment  – all against a backdrop of pressure to reduce fees.

Rice Warner brings established foundations of insights from data depth and integrity combined with a strongly consultative partnership approach. We guide clients towards more effective business solutions and improved commercial outcomes.

Public Policy

Improving Australia's fiscal position

Rice Warner has influenced and shaped public policy in relation to financial services for the past three decades. In doing so, we have built a strong reputation for impartial commentary and are regularly engaged by policy makers for our opinion.

We prepare submissions for all relevant government inquiries in areas such as tax equity and reform, national savings policy, retirement solutions and savings equality for women. Our approach is to suggest ways to improve Australia’s fiscal position, drive efficiencies or simply deliver some practical benefit to industry stakeholders and members.

Clients we help

Strategic, operational and member engagement solutions for industry, retail and corporate funds.

Insurance in superannuation services for industry, retail and corporate funds.

Tailored guidance and advice to group, retail and reinsurance providers.

Benchmarking services, strategic advice and actuarial services for employers.

Strategic advice and product solutions for future competitive advantage.

Efficiency gains for superannuation fund administrators and their customers.

Providing superior product and business outcomes.

Market intelligence targeted to provide superior product and business outcomes.

Intelligent policy frameworks designed with integrity and vision.