Life Insurers/ Reinsurers

Tailored Guidance and Advice

Servicing group, retail and reinsurance providers.

Rice Warner regularly carries out benchmarking of insurance product features and pricing utilising Rice Warner’s Group and Retail insurance database containing over 200 products.  Our tailored reports and workshops allow unique insight to the insurer’s products’ market competitiveness.

Rice Warner has built a reputation for providing fact-based guidance to superannuation industry participants backed by informed opinion and thought leadership. Our unique insights, supported by our rich databases and research, help clients develop effective commercial and operational strategies.

Rice Warner is at the forefront of the constantly evolving policy landscape for superannuation and life insurance.

Our close relationship with Government (including Treasury and the Productivity Commission) allows us to help our clients build credible, evidence-based submissions to help lobby for policy change, develop sound business strategies in the context of the policy change, or model the impact of policies on the market, businesses and customers.

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Rice Warner provides decision support and advice tools to the Australian financial services market, having built and deployed over 100 advice tools to date.  We provide consulting services, mathematical capability and development work on advice tools throughout the industry.

Our capabilities and tools cover the following markets:

  • Superannuation and Retirement
  • Life Insurance
  • Property
  • Savings, Debt and Budgeting

Built by our Actuaries, PHOEBE is an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides access to a wide range of complex mathematical functions and services.  It solves common problems faced by our clients across the financial services industry.  The functions provide actuarially certified compliant calculations across the full spectrum of financial advice for members or customers.

PHOEBE has been implemented for a range of clients, including banks, superannuation funds, financial planning groups, wealth management organisations and industry bodies.

PHOEBE provides clients with peace of mind that, by using a central source of calculations, they will always provide their members and customers with consistent, compliant and accurate information and output.

Our experience in the provision of financial tools, calculators and advice software provide us with the ability to provide our clients with peace of mind that their tools are accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements.  Our actuarial accreditation service involves the formal testing and actuarial sign off that financial tools/calculators and in-house spreadsheets/ models have accurate calculations and meet ASIC requirements.

Rice Warner has developed a strong FinTech consulting capability, acquired over many years and many implementations in the digital advice arena.

Our FinTech consulting services include:

  • Business and actuarial analysis, specification and coding (Java) on digital advice projects
  • Rice Warner system accreditation – Actuarial testing and sign-off of digital advice solutions
  • System reviews and benchmarking (administration, financial planning, digital advice tools etc.)
  • Consultation on projects to assist in the design of the advice workflows supporting goals-based advice.

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