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With an aging population and the gradual retirement of the Baby Boomers, the superannuation industry is rapidly developing products and services to maintain members to and through retirement.

Rice Warner is at the forefront of helping superannuation funds develop a strategic retirement framework, and products aligned to this framework, to support members in retirement.

Rice Warner has built a reputation for providing fact-based guidance to superannuation industry participants backed by informed opinion and thought leadership. Our unique insights, supported by our rich databases and research, help clients develop effective commercial and operational strategies.

Rice Warner’s heritage is as a firm of consulting actuaries. Our superannuation actuarial services cover financial modelling, benefit projections, independent insurance in superannuation pricing review and investment analytics as well as prescribed actuarial work for defined benefit superannuation funds.



Rice Warner provides market leading decision support and advice tools to the Australian financial services market.  We provide consulting services, modelling capabilities and development work on advice tools and calculators throughout the industry.

Our capabilities and tools cover the following markets:

  • Superannuation and Retirement
  • Life Insurance
  • Savings, Debt and Budgeting

Rice Warner Actuaries have spent the last decade modelling the uncertain fluctuations of investment markets to develop a detailed understanding of potential future performance. Through these models Rice Warner assists product providers quantify investment performance using metrics that retail investors can understand.

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