Efficiency, Integration and Engagement

The Rice Warner FinTech solutions package.

The digital revolution has begun to build momentum. Its first wave has passed through the financial services industry, including the superannuation sector.  The initial impact has been on making processes more efficient, largely by converting manual systems to integrated electronic commerce.  A good example is the collection of contributions.

Current activities are more disruptive opening channels of innovation to solve age-old problems and challenges in fields such as  member engagement, smarter marketing, efficient financial advice provision and reliable, compliant sources of on-tap, accurate data.

Rice Warner is at the forefront of harnessing the new digital age on behalf of clients.

PHOEBE Logo 2015

At the centre of our approach is our unique research and actuarial engine, PHOEBE, named after the Greek goddess of prophesy and oracular intellect. Built by our actuaries, PHOEBE is an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides access to a wide range of complex mathematical functions and services.  It solves common problems faced by our clients across the financial services industry.  The functions provide actuarially certified compliant calculations across the full spectrum of financial advice for members or customers.

PHOEBE has been implemented for a range of clients, including banks, superannuation funds, financial planning groups, wealth management organisations and industry bodies.

PHOEBE provides clients with peace of mind that, by using a central source of calculations, they will always provide their members and customers with consistent, compliant and accurate information and output.

We also partner with our clients to develop smart online tools and widget applications, supported by PHOEBE, that in turn deliver seamless methods of engagement and enduring commercial value and relevant touchpoints for members and customers.

Example of PHOEBE in action

You are a superannuation fund seeking to send customised advice to your members. You seek a flexible, adaptable approach for a campaign targeting increased salary sacrifice contributions by members.

In simple terms, the Rice Warner solution enables the seamless extraction of the right information from your member registry, also creating synchronised marketing and engagement communications solutions, while finally customising the data to match the precise, personalised needs of each fund member.

It’s but one of many deeply practical and efficient ways Rice Warner is building sustainable value for its clients with FinTech solutions, once again, based on our insight like no other.

Software as a Service (SaaS) 

Rice Warner is currently engaged in a wide range of projects that aim to help superannuation funds and financial services institutions implement innovative technology solutions.  Our team of consultants, actuaries and technology experts work in close collaboration with our clients in order to combine a bespoke combination of elements from our SaaS platforms to address each unique objective, membership demographic, technical environment and administrative process.  In our opinion, we are very well placed to provide a unique and independent perspective and capability that will help ensure the success of the implementation of your strategy.