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Rice Warner’s extensive superannuants database and related research enables us to help benchmark superannuation funds, whether products, fees, investments, insurance, service operations or costs and expenses.

Rice Warner has built a reputation for providing fact-based guidance to superannuation industry participants backed by informed opinion and thought leadership. Our unique insights, supported by our rich databases and research, help clients develop effective commercial and operational strategies.

Our Actuaries are experts in modelling the trends which drive outcomes in uncertain and ever changing markets. We assist clients  challenge and enhance the development of market-leading products through portfolio modelling, demonstrating the range of possible outcomes which may realise.

Leveraging our platforms and product benchmarking databases, Rice Warner assists superannuation funds and platform providers access whether their investment options are fit for purpose, both at the individual option level, and for the overall investment menu.

Investment managers and superannuation funds must, by law, report on their fees to ensure transparency for investors. Rice Warner has developed a rigorous process for assisting clients with the nuanced detail of these disclosures through annual reviews and topical research. This process, augmented with Rice Warner’s understanding of emerging trends and relationship with the regulator gives confidence of quality oversight now, and into the future.

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