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Project Description

The client situation

As part of a global rebranding and design alignment program, the client engaged us to:

  • Review their range of existing calculators including calculation methodology and their development in terms of back-end functionality within the calculators.
  • Realign their range of publicly-facing calculators with the new design specifications and requirements.
  • Create new application programming interface (API) endpoints that would be consumed by the client’s own internal systems. This would establish one source of truth and enable streamlined data management, processes and procedures.

Our approach

Engaging client stakeholders in a series of workshops, Rice Warner reviewed the calculation methodology used in the existing calculators, which was evaluated against current business logic requirements. Simultaneously, Rice Warner’s front-end development team worked together with the third-party design house wireframes and, following Agile methodologies, rapidly deployed versions of the updated user interface (UI) for review and feedback. This allowed for continuous review/ feedback steps along the delivery path.

Project milestones and methodology

Project milestones and methodology
Outcome for the client

The client received a range of actuarially accredited bespoke calculators designed to meet the specified functional requirements, API endpoints to ensure data was in sync between customer-facing and internal systems, as well as the aesthetic responsive and secure needs of a modern web application. By incorporating continuous feedback received from client stakeholders throughout the process, the client had a smooth transition throughout the delivery path from development to deployment.

Project Experts

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Anthony Saliba
Head of FinTech & Product Data

Malcolm Walters
FinTech Team Lead

Tammy Lashko
IT & Project Manager

Project Details

  • Case StudyOnline tools & calculators
  • Business UnitFinTech
  • KeywordsCalculation methodology, business requirements, agile methodologies, front end development, API endpoints