Market Insights

It all begins with Insight

The Rice Warner advantage.

Rice Warner has a strategic team which is our own think-tank.  The team undertakes research and generates ideas for our public policy work, as well as providing specialist support for our consulting services.

We hold a number of comprehensive databases on superannuation funds, member activities, and pensioners.  We also hold material in diverse areas from wealth outside superannuation, life insurance sales through to a longitudinal distribution of Age Pensioners.  Some of our databases are unique and provide us with a comparative advantage in analysing market trends – enabling us to deliver – insight like no other.

This provides us with a core platform for our financial modelling, specialist research reports and our industry projections.  The databases are used for benchmarking, product comparisons, financial advice, market trends and analysis of member behaviour.

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Our Super Insights service is revolutionising the way superannuation funds can better understand their membership.  Based on a unique data set of some 15 million superannuation member accounts, participants in Super Insights receive the benefit of analysis of their own fund, understanding how their fund compares with a substantial peer group, and Rice Warner’s own insights into what the results mean for the participant’s strategy.  Examples of areas covered include:

  • Analysis of membership profile by different segments (including age, gender, size of account, location).
  • Comparison with the peer group, and identification of key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities arising from the membership profile.
  • Quantifying and comparing differences between members across key factors such as gender and age.
  • Understanding inflows of funds from contributions and roll-ins, how these compare with the peer group, and key opportunities arising from these comparisons.
  • Investment strategy – participation in default strategies versus choice investments, and how choice members differ from default members.
  • Exits analysis – identification of key areas of leakage in absolute terms and relative to the peer group, to help inform your strategies to retain members taking into account the dynamics of different segments of your membership.