Information, insight, ideas and strategy

The Rice Warner Consulting approach.

Our highly skilled consulting practice is built on a unique cornerstone: Rice Warner’s proprietary research developed and refined over many years.

We assist  clients across various segments of the financial services industry.

Our clients value more than just our opinion. They trust the fact-based source of our many insights.

From this, we bring the opportunity to co-develop new ideas, test and benchmark existing practices, map out possible future solutions and define practical measures for success.

Our consulting approach derives from a strong heritage of actuarial rigour and technical knowledge.

But it is also melded with practical market knowledge and deep, hands-on consulting experience.

For every engagement, we think about how to deliver the best outcome for our clients. This helps us to understand each specific challenge and opportunity and to optimise the value of our support.

Typical Examples of Consulting Services

Rice Warner consults over a wide range of activities.  Examples within superannuation include assisting superannuation funds to partner the right suppliers – across group life insurance, custodial services, investment management, financial advice and fund administration. We do this by:

  • Benchmarking service from key suppliers and running tenders as contracts expire.
  • Developing strategies for member retention and growth, utilising member segmentation and other analytical tools.
  • Providing benefit projections and online tools to educate members and help them plan for their future.
  • Projecting a fund’s growth path and assisting with acquisition of members, employers or even other funds.
  • Introducing technology to assist with financial advice to fund members.

These are a few of the many ways Rice Warner builds sustainable value for its clients. Our consulting solutions are based on information, ideas, strategy and, of course, insight like no other.